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A 25% Chance of Rain, but a 95% Chance of Awesome:  A Sunday 100k

Sundays are my favorite days to ride.  No chance of a work call and the one day of the week, I wouldn’t much care if I got one.  That’s what they make voicemail for.  For that reason alone, it really bums me out to miss a Sunday for rain.  We had a spectacular route picked out for the day too, but the forecast wasn’t good.  When Sunday got here, though, TWC said we had a window.  A small one…

The mist lightly brushed my face as I walked out from under the roof of the front porch.  Fog too, and it was looking a little thick.  I still hooked the bike rack up to my car.  The Weather Channel promised we would be okay till at least 11 anyway, and that would be just enough to get our 100k in, with stops.  Even so, I don’t melt in water.

This is why I have a rain bike.  It doesn’t matter if I get caught out – it’s one less thing to worry about.  One less excuse.

I pumped up four tires, got four water bottles filled and squared away, got all my gear loaded, then my wife’s bike and my Trek loaded on the car.  We were off shortly thereafter.  Fifteen minutes later we were in the High School parking lot getting ready.  Fifteen minutes after that a dozen of us were in formation and rolling.

The ride was awesome, fun and more than three hours.  We didn’t get a bit wet and the ride was a blast.  As is almost always the case.  

I am so incredibly grateful for living in our little slice of rural Michigan.  We’ve got maybe ten weekend routes of 60 miles or better, only one the requires actually driving to, where we’re far enough out in the country that we rarely have to worry about traffic.  We’re close enough to everything but definitely far enough removed from the hustle and bustle of big city life.

Sunday’s ride was typical, really.  Good Times and Noodle Salad… just like life should be.