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I Don’t Need 100 Miles and Five Hours to Unwind when Only 16 Miles and 48 Minutes will Do Fine.


July 2017

After a stressful day at the office, I need a way to separate it from home. Not only do I hate bringing the office home, let’s just say my wife is less than appreciative having to deal with a frazzled me.

Governments and health care professionals recommend 30 minutes of exercise a day. I’ll admit to exceeding that by a bit, but it takes what it takes and 30 minutes just isn’t good enough for me. I’m sure only the politician would find a way to complain.

So off I go, shortly after I arrive home… I suit up, pump up, sort the hydration and roll.

48 to 52 minutes later, I’m ready to be me again, I’m ready to be home. It’s a rare day I ride to stay fit anymore – “fit” was why I started cycling. Nowadays, I ride to stay sane and happy. A decent physique is simply a perk that comes with putting a smile on my face and getting centered to be present for my family.

I was talking to a young fella at the bike shop the other day who brought in an old Nishiki for repair. He bought the bike to commute two miles to work but quickly found that he was making the journey seven miles to spend more time on the bike.

He was struggling for words to explain the next bit on his mind. I smiled and filled in the blank by finishing his sentence…. Riding takes you back to the best part of being a kid again. We laughed at the bond two people share when they’re on the same wavelength and went our separate ways, both of us smiling.

While there’s no doubt I love a good, long ride on the weekend, I barely have an hour on weekdays…. That’s enough though.


  1. Quan says:

    I’m glad that you have at least the hour! That hour is precious and can remind us of who we really are. A fun, enjoyable person! 🙂

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