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Everyone Needs a Jerk Every Now and Again….  Or Alternately, Chew on this, Punk.

A commenter on a post I wrote several years ago about how I got to a point where I attained the ability to ride at an average pace of 23 mph called BS on me.  “CyclingGains” wrote:

I want to see Strava stats other wise your full of shit. What’s your strava?

Of course, I responded in my normal tactful way:

First, f*** you. Second, I’m on Endomodo because STRAVA is for p***y primadonnas. I’ll post proof in a new post, punk.

Now please remember, I quit tracking my rides a couple of years ago so I had to go back a bit… So, CyclingGains, this is for you:

Now, that’s only 21.7 mph for the hundred because we broke off at the 58 mile mark, at the lunch stop.  We had an average of 23.8 at that point:

Go ahead, add that up, punk.

Here’s another random Tuesday night:

Tell you what, go home and pedal harder and you can be fast too.

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