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Everyone Needs a Jerk Every Now and Again….  Or Alternately, Chew on this, Punk.


July 2017

A commenter on a post I wrote several years ago about how I got to a point where I attained the ability to ride at an average pace of 23 mph called BS on me.  “CyclingGains” wrote:

I want to see Strava stats other wise your full of shit. What’s your strava?

Of course, I responded in my normal tactful way:

First, f*** you. Second, I’m on Endomodo because STRAVA is for p***y primadonnas. I’ll post proof in a new post, punk.

Now please remember, I quit tracking my rides a couple of years ago so I had to go back a bit… So, CyclingGains, this is for you:

Now, that’s only 21.7 mph for the hundred because we broke off at the 58 mile mark, at the lunch stop.  We had an average of 23.8 at that point:

Go ahead, add that up, punk.

Here’s another random Tuesday night:

Tell you what, go home and pedal harder and you can be fast too.

.                                      xxx

.                                  x          x

.                                  x          x

.                                  x          x

.                                  x          x

.                                  x           x

. xxxxxx        xxxxx    x            x    xxxxx

x             x  x             xx           xx             x x x x x x

x                x                x            x               x               x

x               x                 x            x               x              x

x                                                                              x

x                                                                        x x


  1. saoirsek says:

    What is wrong with people? Nice miles Jim🙂

  2. Only 1500ft of elevation gain over 100 miles? What were you riding around an airport or something? 😉 Hehe! Cracking pace brother, keep those pedals turning and the haters hating!

    • bgddyjim says:

      We live in a very good neighborhood for fast paced cycling, no doubt about it. Thanks man.

      • I’d be happy with your av speeds even if my rides were downhill all the way. #mustpedalharder

      • bgddyjim says:

        I am very lucky to ride with some competitive cyclists, brother. We’ve got everything from Cat 1 to Cat 3 cyclists to nationally renowned motorcycle racers to a national triathlon champ to ride with on Tuesday nights. Riding with fast people makes us faster. Funny thing is, we do that 30 mile route at 22 mph. They do it at 24.5 average. They’re stupid fast.

        That said, thanks brother!

      • Crazy. That’s the biggest thing I miss about England. I had some strong mofos in the club to push me hard (or lend a helpful draft) which like you say is the best way to get fast yourself!

  3. Manu Stanley says:

    It took me by surprise. Just because some sh***head thinks that Strava is everything, doesn’t mean it is. I’m an Endomondo person too, and it has worked well for me, so far. And with the details you share everyday, I don’t need to ask how passionate you are about cycling, it is there in the blog and you share it everyday – be it bad-weather rides, dirty rides muddy rides, stormy rides or sunny rides. And I’m sure, you are not claiming Olympic glory through the blogs, rather you share the passion for cycling and inspire lazy people like me to get back on the saddle. Hat’s off to that. So if some blockhead wants to see the figures, I’d say f**** him. He just seems to be jealous for not being able to stay put and be better himself.

  4. buckyrides says:

    Its always easier to doubt than it is to do what it takes to have perspective and acumen. In reverse, I have had people say to me, why so slow I ride way faster than that. Seeing my ride 17.5mph avg over 140miles. I reply back solo and check out the elevation gain. – they still dont get it even when they see 14,000ft. Takes insight to understand, aero, drafting, impact of speed on climbing etc. have fun mate.

  5. […] think I’m full of it, you aren’t the first.  I’d direct you to the proof post, here.  Please know, while the proof is real, the anger is tongue in cheek.  That said, be sure to […]

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