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Leaving it all on the Road

I rolled out with my wife and friends at 8:02 yesterday morning.  Why the 02?  Winston texted me at 7:56 that he was running late.  Punctuality is not his strong suit.  He pulls like a tiny Clydesdale though, so what’s two minutes between friends, eh?  Nothing.

It was a perfect day for cycling.  60 degrees to start (15 C) and not a cloud in the sky, and no wind.

At 8:03 on Sunday morning we had 5 hours and 18 minutes – and 99.75 miles – to go.  No hill for a mountain climber.

At some point, around 20 miles in, the guy at the front missed pointing out a hole in the asphalt.  It was hard to see, as the road had simply sunk in a 6″ round hole so there was barely a shadow.  I missed it but several behind me didn’t.  Lynn didn’t.  He was taking a swig one handed when he hit it.  He lost control and endo’d down a 10-15′ deep ditch.  It was something out of a TdF crash video.

Amazingly, he was okay.  A little scratched up and his bike was going to need new bar tape and his shifter lever straightened, but he was back and riding after we formed a human chain to pull him out of the ditch.  Seriously.

We sorted him out and once we were certain he was okay, we rolled on.

From that point, there were a few issues that popped up.  One of the guys was struggling to keep up so Winston and I dropped back to bring him back to the group.  Chuck’s rear wheel decided to start rubbing his frame so he dropped out of the group to wait for a ride to pick him up (he ended up letting a little air pressure out of the tire and that gave him enough clearance to finish but he was out there for 45 miles on his own – talk about gutting it out…), and Lynn’s adrenaline from the accident finally wore off and he slowed down and dropped off the back.

In the end, we all finished and my buddy Mike took the sprint at 99.5 miles.  I took the final pull, starting at 95 miles, and kept it between 21 and 22 mph until we hit 98-1/2.  The idea at that point was to ramp it up to see if I could drop everyone else and cruise over the line alone.  I was so close too.  I dropped everybody but Mike and Brad – they managed to stay on like dug-in ticks…  I came over a little rise at 25 and accelerated to 28 heading back down what could barely be called a hill.  Brad ran out of gas but Mike got me by a half a bike length.  Unfortunately my strategy was a little lacking.  I didn’t have anything left – no more gears left in me to answer him.

In the last ten miles I’d pulled all but three of them.

There once was a time, not too long ago actually, when an 18.9 mph 100 miles would have been a bummer.  I was always shooting for that 20 mph average.  Those days are long gone.  Nowadays it’s more about spending time with my friends and building memories to laugh about as I get older.  If I feel I need to work a little harder, all I have to do is stay up front.

Lynn and Chuck left a lot more on the road yesterday than I did (I still feel a little selfish for not waiting for Chuck and letting the rest of the group go).  It was still a heck of a lot of fun and I left enough out there for government work.

I’ve been tagged, ‘er something…. ?

Shay-lon Moss tagged me because she wants me to share some things about myself.  Normally I don’t mess around with blog awards anymore because the posts take a surprising amount of work and I don’t do well accepting accolades or recognition.  That said, Shay-lon has tapped me a few times and I figured this one should be responded to, so with that, thank you Shay-lon.  I appreciate you.

How long have you been blogging? Coming up on seven years now (!).

Do you enjoy doing tags? First one for me. Typically I have a tough time with blog awards and such, but this isn’t so bad.

Do you follow the blogs that follow you? Not necessarily. I check them out first. If I like what they write, I’ll follow them. Then, if they don’t like a post or comment on one of my posts, I unfollow them a week later. Oh, and vegan/vegetarian blogs… there are only two or three I’ll read. Typically speaking, let’s just say we will never see eye to eye.

Describe your blog in 5 words?  Opinionated.  Recovering.  No BS.  Grateful.

How many posts have you made on your blog? (Not counting this tag) Thousands…. I was up to 3300 at last count and deleted a bunch of my older posts, so I really don’t know how many I have written. It’s a lot.

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you enjoy blogging? I tried quitting once and I found it impossible to stay quit. Giving up that pressure release valve of writing wasn’t easy. 7.5

Post some links to blogs you enjoy reading:

90in9: I’ve been following this blog since the beginning and I think it fair to say the author and I are pretty tight, in a brother/sister sort of way.

The Second Rate Cyclist: He’s first-rate to me, a brother from another mother.

Travel Tales of Life: Sue, the author of the blog and her husband are top notch. Her blog is spectacular.

The Dreadmill and The Unironedman: Friends from across the pond, one of whom is a friend of a friend.

The Tempo Cyclist.  My little brother from a New Zealand (one time British) mother.

Shenrydafrankman.  My brother from a mountain biking mother.  Steve is my friend, much in the Grumpy Old Men mould.

There seen many others who I appreciate greatly, but I could to for hours adding onto this list and that’s hours I don’t have.  There’s riding to be done, baby.