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God, Please give Me the Strength to not do Anything Stupid Today….

I try to keep my prayers simple.

“God, give me the strength to not do anything stupid today”.

“God, if You please, this is how I plan to proceed [on anything].  If my plan is not Your will, please put some roadblocks in my way.  And if You could, please God, make them big because I tend to be dense and I don’t want to miss a it.”

As a practicing drunk I made a lot of stupid decisions.  I would swear off booze, then celebrate my second day of being off booze by going to the bar to see my “friends”.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to fill in the blanks of “what happened next”.  I’d wake up the next morning in a puddle of my own puke, wondering what happened to my wonderful resolve.  I had surely been done with booze.

Stupid is as stupid does.

I work an honest program.  Honesty in the self-interpretation of my mind, my feelings and my actions is paramount.  I almost threw intentions in that mix but most of us know intentions are full of crap, so let’s not even bother.  I may intend on not being an @$$hole, but if I am indeed an @$$hole as seen by my actions, guess what?  Yep, I’m an @$$hole.  Intentions are a lazy excuse.

The world tends not to think like this.  We shy away from honesty.  We shade it and call it “gray”.  We hear excuses on a daily basis.  Hell, many of us give excuses on a daily basis.

The excuse is a sure sign of a loser.  “God, may I always remember that excuses are for losers.  Please help me to remember my true nature so that I may avoid those people, places and things that lead to my downfall… so I don’t ever have to sink to making excuses again.”

“God, may I always remember:  If I sit in a barbershop long enough, eventually I’m getting a haircut.”  “Please help me to remember that I don’t need a haircut today”.

Perhaps I’ll skip sitting in the barbershop today.  The saying goes, To thine own self be true.  My spin on that is “To mine own self be true”.

One day at a time, my friends.  It’s either one day at a time or five to ten.  I leave the choice to you.  Just remember, it’s always a choice.