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Daily Archives: August 5, 2017

Just in the Nick of Time….

We had maybe 58 minutes between rain drops Thursday evening.  I used 53 of them to sneak in a ride.

It should have been 56 or 57 minutes and 17-1/2 miles but I cut a mile off because….

I noticed around mile seven that I was going to have to pay attention to the sky.  I came to a stop, exiting a subdivision I ride through on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and I didn’t like the looks of the clouds.  We had rain coming and it was a question of when, not if.

I grudgingly took a shortcut that would drop a mile off of my ride and headed home straightaway, hoping I’d cut off enough.  I didn’t want to get stuck out in a gnarly storm but there was only so much I was going to cut my ride short….  I was heading into an easterly headwind and the storm was coming in from the west.  This is no bueno.  The storm is sucking air to it rather than just blowing in…

Down in the drops I was really busting it to hold 21 mph into the wind but I had an ugly feeling, if I didn’t kick it in the pants I’d end up wet.

Fortunately my timing was good.  I pulled into the driveway just as the thunder started rumbling in the distance.  It got nasty just as I was drying off after my shower.  Just in the nick of time.


“Everything is dangerous, my dear fellow.”…

The bane of my existence is the politician who, in the name of public safety, seeks to legislate the fun, or the taste, out of life…. for the good of the people.  

Apparently they need some Oscar Wilde…  Not too much though, because ronically, Wilde made the mistake of thinking Venezuela, in modern times, was the answer to life’s problems.  It sounds good, I’ll be the first one to admit.  The one inescapable problem is this:  If you don’t have to work, who in their right mind would?!  And therein lies the rub, and why Socialism always implodes under its own weight.  Always.

Wilde once wrote that the way to deal with poverty was to make poverty impossible.  Ask the dumpster divers in Venezuala how that’s working.  By trying to make poverty impossible, Socialism makes poverty inescapable.

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