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August 2017
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“Everything is dangerous, my dear fellow.”…

The bane of my existence is the politician who, in the name of public safety, seeks to legislate the fun, or the taste, out of life…. for the good of the people.  

Apparently they need some Oscar Wilde…  Not too much though, because ronically, Wilde made the mistake of thinking Venezuela, in modern times, was the answer to life’s problems.  It sounds good, I’ll be the first one to admit.  The one inescapable problem is this:  If you don’t have to work, who in their right mind would?!  And therein lies the rub, and why Socialism always implodes under its own weight.  Always.

Wilde once wrote that the way to deal with poverty was to make poverty impossible.  Ask the dumpster divers in Venezuala how that’s working.  By trying to make poverty impossible, Socialism makes poverty inescapable.

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  1. saoirsek says:

    Oscar Wilde is one of my favourite writers but he was naive to say the least. I worked in the homeless sector and the lack of understanding( empathy) between the desicion makers and those who needed the services was astounding, I left frustrated .

  2. @vapor_sage says:

    I’m with you! Leaning towards an Anarcho/capitalist. I’m frustrated by Pols that think they have to do something when things are better left alone. They seem to only be judged by intention and the consequences are forgotten.

  3. unironedman says:

    Poor Oscar is often quoted; he has a good one for every occasion. But he also had a whole service of silver spoons at his disposal, so whilst his end was a tragedy, most of his life was fairly blessed. As for socialism… not sure it’s been tried anywhere, properly. Bit like democracy. It sounds like a great idea. Usually, the failure with any system is human error. We just keep getting in the way. Anyway, where was I… Oh yes, training… 😉

    • bgddyjim says:

      Actually, Socialism is one of those beautiful gifts that keeps on giving… The times it is properly implemented always end in Venezuela. Every time. The only times it gives the semblance of possibility (France) is when it’s tempered with good old-fashioned free enterprise.

      In other words, free enterprise is so awesome it can even make socialism look good. 😉

  4. Archetype says:

    Ahhh, INDEED it does! Socialism is NOT the answer.

    BUT….so too does National Socialism (breed poverty and disparity).

    Which is what we currently operate under, mostly our economic and military policies. The Massive collusion between Mega Corporations and the government. This is Corporatism. Or A variant of National Socialism.

    The thing that f**cking pisses me off, is that most muppets think we have real capitalism. No, we don’t not by a long shot. It is major global corporations who control the government, the economy and are policies.

    In order to have true capitalism, we must have true democracy. We have neither. Our system is broken, poverty in the US is rising rapidly. Homelessness is exploding. BOTH POS corrupted criminal parties are responsible for this.

    Neither the scumbag democrats or the scumbag republicans have helped, are interested on helping and will change anything. These are sociopaths, psychopaths and as we now know, many are pedophiles as well.

    The government is a murderous enterprise killing innocent civilians around the globe for money and power. We meddle in elections, kill whistle-blowers, and MAKE UP terror attacks. The entire system of government and it’s propagandist media need to be dismantled.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Yeah, I don’t buy into most of the conspiracy theories, including but not limited to, making up terrorist attacks. That said, there’s a reason our Constitution is hated by those required to live within its constraints.

      • Archetype says:

        Well there are many proven documented so-called terrorists attacks. Just search Wikileaks bud! No doubt the cia and mi5 plot many false flag attacks Jim. It’s all slowly, but surely coming to light being exposed by alternative medias, whistle-blowers and wikileaks. . The clinton murders by the cia, the false flag attacks, pedogate and so on. The us government is one of the most nefarious, criminals enterprises in the world.

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