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Cyclists, You MUST Read this Post:  How to Get a Dangerous Train Crossing Repaired. Seriously.

I should start with the fact that this is how we do it in the US.

When you roll over your local train crossing, do you say a short prayer that you’ll keep the rubber side down?  How about maybe that you keep all of the air in said rubber, in said tubes, and down?

Then this post is for you.  This is how you get that problem fixed for the safety of your community and cyclists who visit your town…. and you.

Roll up to that intersection and pull out your camera/phone and look underneath the “Stop On Red Signal” you should find a sign that looks like this:

I blue’d out the actual numbers….

Call the 800 Number and formally log a complaint, giving the DOT number shown on the blue tag.  Done.

This simple process is the best, quickest way to get a crossing repaired.

Here’s the trick, and the one time I can recall being happy about government regulation:  I have it on authority that federal regulation mandates a formal complaint about the crossing must be corrected before the ticket can be closed.

The railroads and the federal government don’t like open tickets.

I should add, please be nice.  They don’t know your anger.  Whomever it is on the other side of the phone didn’t do anything to ignore the deterioration of your local crossing.  It’s not their fault.  They just know your anger makes you ugly.  Be courteous when you call with your complaint.  Please.