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Tuesday Night Club Ride:  It really is about the Engine Edition

29 miles and some change.  1:21:35.  Do the math and that’s 21.1 mph for an average.  

I did that in the saddle of this:

That’s a 17 pound, lean, mean sprinting machine.  Four years ago it was the most aero road bike on the market.  

The entire ride was fun and just challenging enough.  I was the lead out for the intermediate sprint, and brought them in at 28.8 mph.  For the sprint to the finish, I took the whole ball of wax by jumping way too early and holding everyone else off.  It just worked out that way.  It was either get swallowed up or go.  I went.

None of what I just wrote has anything to do with the title.  My best time on that route is 1:19:40(ish).  22 mph.

See if you can pick out the thing that doesn’t belong in this photo*:

Dude, it’s a 26’er too.  He had to hide a lot, of course, but he stuck with us for almost 30 miles on a frickin’ mountain bike, often in his last gear.  A 21.1 mph average.  On a mountain bike.  Awesome.  

It really is about the engine.

And knowing how to hide when you’re overmatched.

* Typically I won’t snap a photo close to the back of the group.  I don’t recommend doing so as it’s unsafe.  In this case, I took a chance with the odds, backed off the group a little bit and snapped the photo, quickly repocketing my phone.  The total elapsed time to snap the photo was a little less than it takes to get a couple of swigs of water and replace the water bottle.