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I would be a Runner BUT…. Reason #36


August 2017

#36 in my list of reasons why I’m no longer a runner….

Dude, I love toys

There are obvious advantages to running, especially for the expendable cash strapped, because cycling can be stupid expensive.  On the other hand, done wisely, it’s not all that bad either.  The trick, of course, is obtaining the wisdom before one runs out of cash.

I once enjoyed running myself, for quite the stretch of years….

Nowadays I like my toys though.  


  1. Tony says:

    As one former runner to another … Ride on!

  2. @vapor_sage says:

    Riding is easier on the aging joints, never mind the opportunity for appreciating vast amounts of scenery while riding

  3. Paula says:

    As I prepare for my long run today, I’m thinking I’d much prefer to complete the distance on a bike than my feet. So, yeah, I get it. As well, toys are great fun.

  4. Gail says:

    I do both, but my bike ain’t as fancy as yours. I’m sure you’d agree though that it gets the job done.

    My Lululemon expenditures on running are, sadly, not cheap. Mark it down to my vanity. I don’t get dolled up to run, because that would be dumb, but I do like to rock a good spandex outfit while I sweat.

    While running will always be my first love, there is a synergy between biking and running for me. My hip flexors get really tight from doing a lot of running, and the biking helps me get those suckers engaged more.

    Both activities are movement, though, and movement is life.

  5. I’m not a runner either. I tried. It wasn’t for me.

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