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Getting Back to Fast…. Slowly.


August 2017

I’m tired.  I could feel it last night, bad.  That is, until I got back from my easy Thursday evening ride.

I just wasn’t feeling the love as I headed out.  Five miles in and I stopped to help a couple stranded because they managed to drop their timing chain.  I was unfamiliar with their type of eccentric bottom bracket that didn’t gave Allen wrench locking keys, it used a rather large nut (22-23 mm?) instead….  I simply didn’t have anything to get slack in the chain to set it back on the cog.  Fortunately they had a ride coming to pick them up.  How they dropped it is beyond me.

I got rolling again and I smiled at how good my feet felt.  The new shoes are awesome.  The toe box is a little bigger so my dogs have enough space….  The real test will come this weekend when I put some decent miles on them.  The timing will be impeccable, but more on that later.

Getting back to my tired legs.  I wish I could describe this more aptly, but I just don’t feel very powerful lately.  I’m missing some liveliness that should be there.  I know the answer, thankfully.  I think a day off on Monday is in order.  That, and another slow day today before we hammer out some good miles over the weekend.

I stopped at the shop to say hi to my friends before they rolled out for their ride, then headed home.  

I pulled into my driveway expecting maybe a high fifteen, low sixteen mph average, based on how I felt and because my aim had been to ride slow anyway….  17.8.  

Maybe I’m not as tired as I thought.  Sadly, I think I liked it better when everything made sense.  Chuckle.


  1. I’ve been attending yoga regularly and it’s really helping with my hamstrings. They are super tight! I only ride 2-3 times a week though 15-20 miles a ride.

  2. MJ Ray says:

    Older bottom brackets used to use a 24mm (or maybe 15/16″ aka 23.8mm but I’ve never been sure) nut and a C spanner for adjustment. Not seen an with that but it could exist.

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