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Some Days are Meant for the Couch….  Or Dialing in My Wife’s Bike, THEN the Couch.


August 2017


We had two of the stranger weather days I’ve ever seen.  Storms just popped up and sat there.  No wind, no movement.  My wife and I were leaving the meeting place from the Tuesday night ride, without having actually ridden.

Dude, I’ll do a lot to get a bike ride in, but not in that.  Five miles south, the sun was shining.  When we got home, with the sun shining, my wife and I got ready and headed out.  A mile north and two east and it was sprinkling with the sun shining.

Dejected, we turned it around and headed home.  Where the sun was shining.  Three miles made that much of a difference.  

Rather than go in and write the evening off, I grabbed my Allen wrench set and we took to dialing in my wife’s new saddle.  My wife is insanely difficult with saddle location.  Think the princess and the pea and translate that to bike saddles.

After four adjustments, we think we have something to work with.  That’s after three previous adjustments over a few days.  The most frustrating part for me is in wanting my wife to be able to feel good in her saddle while struggling so mightily to make it happen.  By comparison, it takes ten minutes to dial my own saddle in.  I take a 5mm Allen wrench with me on a short ride.  A little nose down, a little move back, nose up just a hair…. done, perfect.  

It’s been a lot tougher getting my wife set up, and we needed that time to concentrate solely on getting that saddle dialed in.  Hopefully that’s the difference.

After, a light dinner and some fun couch time with my wife and kids.  I don’t even know what time it was I dozed off….


  1. Time well spent, brother.

  2. You have some idea of how hard it is for us girls to get the saddle right. For some, it changes from ride to ride or if you wear different shorts, or it’s just that time or… It will never be perfect, only good enough.

  3. I’ve had four saddles in the past few years so I feel your wife’s pain, literally. You’ve also given me the subject of my next post. I’ll include pictures. I ride a Bortranger Ajna Elite.

  4. […] you, Jim, for your post complaining about dialing in your wife’s saddle. This post is in direct response to your […]

  5. bgddyjim says:

    Thank you very much! (Mrs. Bgddy) I look forward to post on chamois and shorts

  6. Sue Slaght says:

    I am forever trying to get my seat just right. I do have a gel cover for desperate situations.

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