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A Simple Cycling Tip… Bring some Extra Electrical Tape with You, every Ride.  Just in Case…

You’re cruising down the road and a friend’s bar tape comes loose and starts unraveling.

Naturally, this wouldn’t happen to you – it would have to be a friend’s bar tape because you inspect yours quite often and you would notice and rectify any problem long before it devolved into actual trouble

Not to worry, you’re prepared:

What’s that?  You can’t tell that there’s extra “just in case” electrical tape on there?  

I know, that’s the point.  Just put a couple of extra wraps at the end of your bar tape wrap.  You’ll always have some extra with you.

There are more uses than just helping a friend with unruly bar tape.  Need to secure a patch at a large blowout in a tire?  Not to worry, you have some extra tape to hold the patch till you get the tube in place and blown up.