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Daily Archives: September 8, 2017

In Cycling, a Burning Desire is Good.  A Burning Sensation?  Not so Much.

Before I left for DALMAC, I raised the nose of my saddle a little bit.  I felt like I was sliding up to the horn just a bit.  I know, small moves, so a half-turn loose on the front bolt and a half-turn tight on the back…  I tried it, it felt good, so I rode.  103 miles on day one.  102 miles on day two.  101 on day three… and 70 on day four.

We came home, 34 easy miles on Monday – and that’s when I discovered I crushed my… ummm, yeah.   Apparently I nosed that saddle up just a bit too much.  Dammit.

So I lowered the nose a bit the other day and let’s just say, es muy bueno.  So now I can get back to that burning desire to ride and leave the burning sensation in the mirror.  If I actually used a mirror.  Which I don’t.

A few points:

  • A half-turn on each bolt works out to a full turn…  That’s not a small move.
  • Even though that was a fairly big move, it actually felt pretty good.  Right up until it didn’t.
  • When I corrected the correction, I had to be careful not to go too far.  Going by feel wasn’t exactly an option.  Things are, umm, a little swollen.

I wouldn’t have done anything different, either.  Many can say I shouldn’t have made the change before I left for a big tour, some will say I went too far (and they’d be right)….  That doesn’t take everything in context though.

What is important is that I’m not afraid to make changes when they’re needed.  I know how to read what I’m feeling on the bike and do something about it.  I’m also not afraid to make a mistake (nor am I above it).  

Bikes are funny things, especially when changes are made to them that affect the set-up (like changing the saddle angle).  If I’m not willing to make mistakes and to make changes, “well let’s just keep it where it is”, I could miss out on “better”.  I’m not willing to be that kind of person.  Better to make a mistake and learn from it than never make a change in the first place.  

Besides, a few days after the mess and I’m already feeling normal again.  No harm, no foul.