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Because sometimes the Winter Bike just needs Genuine Leather Bar Tape with Leather Inlaid Wooden Bar End Caps…

September 2017
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At the local shop, there’s been a set of bar tape hanging on the rack with the Specialized and Bontrager cork bar tape as long as I’ve been riding a bike.  

It’s a beat up, black box that says:


The box had a price tag of $70 on it, and I made the mistake of opening up the box to check out the feel of the leather.  I pulled out one of the rolls, and there sat, in the box, two of the coolest bar end plugs I have ever laid eyes on.  Wood plugs with inlaid leather.  Dude.

I have a better photo….

I actually walked out of the shop without the bar tape.  My wife is a reasonable woman.  Walking in the door with $70 bar tape (for the rain bike) would challenge that reasonableness.  I did what any sane avid cycling enthusiast would do.  

I asked for it as a Christmas present.

My wife, being made almost exclusively of awesome sauce, came home with that beat up old box later that evening.

I did the wrap myself, of course.  I’d say it’s not perfect but it’s a decent job.  It’s tight, looks good, and feels great.  Oh, and those bar end plugs are the coolest thing ever.

Because the old school rain bike definitely needs genuine leather bar tape… with leather inlaid wooden bar end caps.  Or somethin’.



  1. unironedman says:

    Ha, ha! Not fooling anyone. Looks great though.

  2. Of course the rain bike needs leather tape. Leather is waterproof! 🙂 Loving those bar end plugs, never seen anything like that before!

  3. Sandra says:

    You married an angel.

    And, as someone married to a man who is an exceptionally talented woodworker, I have to admit that I love things made of wood — and I LOVE leather . . . and those are gorgeous.

    Is a wooden bike in your future? You know they exist 😉

  4. Very cool and makes me drool. I am about to start refurbishing my old steel hybrid, so I can gave a gravel and general use bike. I would love to set it up with bling like those wooden bar plugs.

  5. MJ Ray says:

    Hahahahahahahaha my longest- owned bike has VO bars on. Congratulations on joining the tasteful set 😉

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