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A B Group Best for the Tuesday Night Club Ride

September 2017
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There are great evenings for a bike ride, and then there are nights like last night – so off-the-hook awesome…  the only description left is perfect, and last night was that.  Impeccably sunny, warm (but not hot), and no wind.

I can’t remember ever enjoying such a spectacular draft.  Ever.

We rolled out fast, right out of the gate, north of 21 mph within the first mile.  It got hectic from there, and we picked up several dropped A guys along the way.  It was obvious their group was really fast last night too.

Unfortunately, some of the A guys that we ended up with couldn’t grasp that we don’t quite ride like the A guys.  We don’t attack on hills or at stop signs.  We had three tandems last night, and we take care of them in those places.  They normally don’t, and we ended up having to reign one or two of them in a couple of times and I’ve got a plan to implement that will hopefully isolate riders who can’t (won’t or don’t) play nice.  More on that another time….

Beyond that little hiccup, the ride leading up to and after the intermediate sprint was fast and excellent.  I think I was second in the intermediate and third in the finalè, behind A guys in both cases.

As my faults go, I am finding I have to practice more patience when it comes to the group stretching out during those attacks.  I love seeing the group work together, to see two ten-rider-deep lines cruising down the road in unison.  When those lines break up a bit, I tend to rush to close the gap rather than wait for the group to naturally come back together.

That said, the final sprint was fast, fun and a little hectic.  When the dust settled, the main group crossed the line after a little more than 29 miles in 1:18:23.  A full minute better than our previous best from last year.  A 22.1 mph average.

*Photos are from different rides, at 23-26 mph, it just doesn’t make sense to mess with a camera, even off the back or to the side.

PS.  To all of my friends, Mike, Chuck, Chuck, Phill, James, Dave, Matt, Mike, Jonathan, Toby, Brad, Karen, Big Joe, and all of the others who contributed last night, congratulations fellas.  We done good, that was the ride of the season.  Thank you for reading, riding, and making last night a fast one.


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