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The Tuesday Night Club Ride of the Year…

It wasn’t the fastest  club ride of the Year but it was pretty close – call it within 30 seconds.

We had a huge B Group, we were at least 25 deep.  The A group… they weren’t so lucky.  I think they had six or eight, so they offered to roll out with us for the first half and keep the pace between 22 & 24 mph – a rare first.

It was 93°, impossibly sunny, and just a little breezy, another perfect night for a ride.  We have been blessed this year as perfect days for a ride go, if it was a bit on the warm side.

We rolled out at 20 mph and I made a joke to Chuck that I’d be surprised if the pace lasted for more than two miles.

Try fifteen.  Miles, not feet.  Not yards, meters or kilometers.  Miles.  The A guys all stayed up front and pulled us around the route at a reasonable 21 mph average pace.  It was so awesome I didn’t bother taking any pictures of the ride in progress.  I just rode it, with a wide grin stretched across my face the whole way.  It was awesome.  Of course, me being me, I pulled through at the front.  I simply can’t not do my part.

Photo is from earlier this season

What would normally be a test of will to hang on at 28+ mph, was a fantastic ride for all.

And right at the 15 mile mark, they simply pulled away.

The rest of the ride was a blast.  I spent a ridiculous amount of time up front and led an awesome 30+ mph lead-out to the intermediate sprint.

For once, I didn’t participate in the sprints.  I was lead-out and I did my job with a smile on my face.  I so dig being up front for a charge like that – it’s almost as much fun as the sprint.  

After the ride, Dave (one of the stronger A guys) came up and asked if they’d kept it reasonable enough for everyone.  I almost fell over.

It was a great ride for us.

I did my rounds, shaking the hand of each A guy.  I thanked each for doing such a great job of keeping the pace reasonable.  Last night’s ride was as good as they get.  We B groupers never begrudge the A Group their need to turn Tuesday night into a race.  We’re happy to do our own thing too – though it was nice, for once, to have the whole group back together again.