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Daily Archives: October 2, 2017


My wife and I headed out with the gang yesterday morning for what should have been an awesomely spirited 55 mile ride.

There was no wind, and it was sunny, but it was cold.  A few degrees warmer than freezing – which pretty much sucks the speed right out of a fella.  Add to that, all of the layers of clothes and you’re looking at as much as a mile-and-a-half an hour off the average.
Still beats work though.

We started out fairly easy and picked it up as we rolled along.  I struggled a little with the pace but attributed that to the cold.

It started to warm up so I shed my vest and tucked it into my back pocket.  I expected to perk up a bit but it didn’t happen.  I stuck with it even though there were a few times I thought about sliding off the back to cruise home easy.  I chose to keep at it instead – no sense in losing the draft, I kept repeating to the melon committee.

Fifteen miles to go and I was craving a sloppy Joe or two.  Without hesitation I reached into a pocket and pulled out an energy gel and fired it down.  They say you should eat before you’re hungry.  Oops.

The last eight miles were surprisingly hard work.  Our last 25 were into a mild breeze but every time I got to the front, that breeze felt a lot heavier than it should have.  I kept my turns up front to 2 miles or less.

Nine times in ten, staring at 56 miles on the computer, I’m riding Mike home and coming back to make it 60 even.  Yesterday was the one.  I was cooked and took my toy home.  56.5 miles at a 19.1 mph average (actually quite decent for having all of that cold weather crap on at the start.

So today I have a choice to make.  With the club ride tomorrow, I want to have my good legs.  Weather is supposed to be awesome this evening.  I can either take the day off or I can ride slow.  

If I take the day off, spinning my legs up tomorrow is going to suck.  If I push it too hard, the whole ride tomorrow is going to be ugly.  If I get it right and take it easy tonight, I should be fine by tomorrow.

Either way, I’m looking for some autumn rain storms and a few days off in the near future.  I’m whooped!