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Daily Archives: October 9, 2017

Grateful for Being Fit

I was in the middle of an awesome 50 mile ride with some friends yesterday and something occurred to me…  I realized how thankful I was for being fit and that I’ve stuck with cycling.

It’s not about the fact that I still fit into the same clothing sizes from my youth, because I can’t.  I’m much thicker today than I was 25 years ago – and my wife would tell you that’s a good thing.

It’s not that I can whoop all over a bunch of other cyclists, because I know a bunch of guys who can eat my lunch – I don’t get into the arrogance like that, anyway.

What I was thankful for, as I was cruising down the road with my friends, was that I get to participate in the first place. I ride with some really great people, and if I hadn’t put in the effort earlier, none of the good times I’ve had over the last five years would have been possible – and I’ve had a lot of good times.

For that, I am grateful.