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One Hour of Exercise a Week Can Prevent Depression

For those of us who exercise regularly already, the news that exercise can help fight depression won’t blow up anyone’s skirt.  Hell I knew and was writing about that years ago…  I just never knew so little would work!  And there’s a study attached to it.

Personally, I’m an hour a day kind of guy, but for others, say those who don’t like to get our so much, the hour a week news could be a life-changer.

My friend, Tony, put out a great article about the subject in the Title, so please check it out at the link above.

After, try this little experiment:  Go to a supported ride or a running race.  Look around at the participants for a person who appears angry or sad.

I doubt you’ll find one.  Out of all of those people, you probably won’t find one person in a foul mood.

I know I’ve never been out of sorts before one of those events.  The vast majority of us will be smiling and having a good time – and that’s before the event.  After is even better!

Any way, please check out Tony’s post… Then pass it on… and get your butt out the door!