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The World is Going Gravel…. So Shall We.

Mrs. Bgddy and I are about to supercharge our cycling adventures.  Paved roads shall no longer be a requirement for us to ride.

I had been holding out.  Only two of our group have a dedicated gravel bike so we’ve managed to stick with the mountain bikes.  My wife brought up that she wanted one last year but I suggested that she would be better to ride mountain bikes with us, rather than ride a gravel bike.  If she switched, initially she wouldn’t have to work as hard to keep up, but eventually she’d suffer on her road bike because she’d effectively be taking it easy all winter long…. right up until road bike season, at which time she’d have to play catch up to the rest of us.

Then my buddy, Chuck, went and bought a gravel bike last week…. and Saturday my cycling brother from another mother, Mike, bought one as well.  Well, my other buddy Phill already has a gravel bike and so does Diane…  So with the friends in our world going gravel, so did we – otherwise we’d never keep up.

2016 Diverge A12017 Specialized Diverge Sport A-1

We decided to go entry level, as we’re buying two bikes.  Also, you’d expect my bike to be the first one, right?  Red on red, super awesome?  It’s not, that’s Mrs. Bgddy’s.  Mine’s the second one.  Mine’s a 56, my wife’s a 54.  Anyway, we’re a Specialized family and we’re not changing anything there – both are Diverges.  My wife’s is a 2016, mine’s a 2017.

No more having to plan our rides around pavement – this year we get to go anywhere we choose to point the front wheel – and with that, we’ll get to avoid a lot of the traffic that we all hate.  We’ve already got a few rides planned for areas that we normally choose to avoid because of traffic – and now, with dirt roads on the table, there’s no limit to where we can go.  Next year is going to be fun.