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My Cycling World just got Dirty

The temperature is hoovering in the mid-40’s.  It’s dark out.  The lights get switched on and we roll out on the dirt roads.  25 miles later I’m bumping fists with my buddy, Phill before he heads home.

I’ve ridden on paved roads, maybe twice in the last two weeks, and one of those was on the gravel bike anyway (dirt roads were way too mucky after 36 hours of rain).  I’ve only taken one day off in those two weeks.

My friends, my cycling world got dirty.  In the cycling sense, of course.

I was up at the shop yesterday, playing around with different stems (I settled on a 110 instead of a 120 – but that’s a really long story, I’ll get into that in its own post because my thinking on a silly stem is really complex and it should make a neat post for the enthusiast) and it just so happened that my buddies, Phill and Mike, were up there too, along with Matt (the owner)…  

So there we are, the four of us talking about how much fun we’re having in the dirt, and I see a look on Matt’s face that we don’t get to see very often.  He smiles, and says he can’t wait to get out there with us – here’s a guy that’s been into bikes and the industry for longer than I’ve been alive, mind you…. the look was enthusiastic excitement.  The look on his face showed how I feel when I ride – and on the face of a guy who’s been everywhere and seen everything there is in bikes?!  Friends, that’s a conversation I’ll remember for a long time.

We wrapped up the conversation on a special topic to me; How lucky we are, as a group and club, to have such a great bunch of friends to ride with.  I follow blogs, written by authors the world over, and what we have is rare.  

It’s going to be really cold this morning, and a little windy, but I’ll give you three guesses where we’ll be, but you’ll only need one.  The lack of traffic alone makes gravel road riding worth it.  Being able to cruise around with a bunch of friends in that setting is simply awesome.

I should add, this whole gravel thing is a post season thing, maybe an off day in season thing, but the asphalt is still where it’s at.