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Fit Recovery’s Fall Cycling, Top-Secret, Ultra-Fabulous Training Plan.

I know what you’re thinking – if it’s top-secret why would he share it in a free blog post?!

Well, because it’s also ultra-fabulous!  I can’t keep an ultra-fabulous training plan to myself, now can I?  Of course I can’t….

Okay, so come in here, real close…  Closer….  Okay. Here’s my plan:  on Monday, I’m going to ride my bike, pretty fast.  Then, on Tuesday, I’m going to ride my bike, real fast… again.  Then, on Wednesday, now this gets tricky, I’m going to ride my bike again but a little slower this time.  For Thursday, I’m going to throw you a curve; I’m going to ride my bike!  I’m going to take it easy though… because on Friday, guess what?  I’m going to ride my bike again – and on Friday I won’t care what my pace is, simply because it’s Friday.

It gets really interesting for the weekend though!  On Saturday I’m going to meet up with all of my friends and we’re going to ride our bikes wherever we want to go, because we’ll be on the gravel bikes, pace won’t matter a bit.  For Sunday, I’ll give you two guesses what I’ll be doing but you’re only going to need one:  You got it, I’ll be riding my bike with my friends (probably a rinse-and-repeat of Saturday).

This is all weather permitting of course.  If it’s raining or snowing, we’ll simply take a day off until the weather is more favorable.  See, this is the end of the season, friends.  There is no training plan.  Training plans are for the two months of winter leading up to the spring!  Relax and have some fun, would ya?  Sheesh.