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Daily Archives: November 1, 2017

How’s about We just Skip the Jello Shots….

With the kids in tow, for probably the last time, my buddy Pete and I walked the neighborhood, shepherding the little ones around so they could collect their Halloween treats – we’ve done this all but one year in the last 11.  Our elder daughters were off on their own.

At the second house, a woman came out and apologized for not having anything for the adults… she said next year she’ll make Jello shots.

I turned to my buddy and said, “I have an idea.  Call the cops, have them slap the cuffs on me and take me straight to jail.  This way, I can skip the Jello shots, the relapse, and the drunk driving ticket…. That way I can get out of the clink any time I want and will get to keep my wife, kids, home, vehicles, bikes, money, and sanity.”

We both laughed and walked on, no handcuffs needed.