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Spending a Little Time with My Friends, Staying Fit

Our friend, Winston, has been out of commission for a while.  Work has kept him off his bike, but he’s through the woods and now that we all have gravel bikes, he’s fired up to ride.  Mid-week last week, he asked us to meet in the next town south of us, at the home of a friend of his, for our Saturday ride.  We did a 27 mile dirt road loop, a little more than 1,300 feet of up (that’s a lot for us, we ride a full centuries with less than 800′).

It was an excellent, fun ride.  Being able to get away from traffic, while still maintaining a decent speed, has been awesome.

Sadly, we figured that would be it for the weekend because the forecast was for rain on Sunday.

Saturday evening, my friend Chuck noticed a hole in the forecast.  I sent out a quick text and scheduled a tentative ride.

It ended up damp, but no rain.

We rolled for a couple of hours.  Not quite long enough, but long enough.  If you’re a cyclist, you know exactly what I mean.  Those gravel bikes are insufferably heavy and it’s tough to keep a decent pace but once I loosened up, I felt like my normal self and put my head down to hammer out some miles.  I had a smile on my face the whole time, knowing the feeling wouldn’t last much longer…

With the time changing back to normal, the season is all over but the shouting.  I’ll get some weekend miles in over the next few weeks but that’ll be about it.  Trainer season has arrived.  I’ll be leaving for work in the dark and coming home just the same.

The Tuesday Night Club Ride comes to an end this week.  The night ride, the last club ride of the season, rolls out at 6.  I’ll be there.