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I’d Rather Spend My Money on Bikes than on Doctor’s Visits…


2013 Specialized Venge – The Race Bike

  • Size 56 cm, one size smaller than recommended, by design.
  • 22-1/2″ (57 cm) reach – Saddle to Bar center
  • 172.5 S-Works crank
  • 52/36 Chain rings
  • 100 mm FSA carbon wrapped stem, flipped
  • 42 cm S-Works Aerofly handlebar
  • Shimano 105 Ultegra drivetrain 10 sp. 11-28
  • Weight 17.2 16.6 pounds


1999 Trek 5200 T – The Rain Bike

  • Size 58 cm, exact size for my height
  • 22-3/4″ (57 cm) reach – Saddle to Bar center
  • 172.5 mm Compact double crank
  • 52/42/30 50/34 Chain rings
  • 80mm Bontrager SSR alloy stem, flipped
  • MicroSHIFT 9 sp shifters (original Ultegra shifters finally wore out) Shimano 105 10sp Shifters
  • Ultegra Drivetrain 9 sp. 12-26 105 Drivetrain 10sp.
  • Weight 20.1 19.4 pounds


2017 Specialized Diverge – The Gravel Bike

  • Size 56 – Compact geometry, one size smaller than recommended
  • 21-1/2″ (54.6 cm) reach – Saddle to Bar center for a more upright position (but not too much)
  • 172.5 mm crank
  • 48/32 Chain rings
  • 110 mm Specialized adjustable rise stem – flipped, set to -11°
  • Shimano Sora drivetrain 9 sp. 11-32
  • Weight 24 pounds, on the nose.

*  All weights are fully dressed with computers, pedals and cages.  Typical bike weights are given without the extra weight.  Figure a pound on the Venge, 1.2 pounds on the Trek and 1-3/4 pounds on the Diverge (the mountain bike pedals are obviously heavier than Look Keo Classics, plastic cages are double the weight of plastic, etc.).

Amount of money spent on bicycles since 2000:  Oh, sweet Baby Jesus.

Amount spent on doctor’s visits (other than checkups), thus helping my doctor pay for his vacation home, since 2000:  $0.*

Last time I can remember being sick with a cold or the flu:  2015-ish.

Those bikes are worth every penny.

*I did drop about $700 for an ultra-sound on my heart after my family doctor noticed a hook on my EKG that could have either been nothing or something that could have caused me to drop dead of a heart attack at any moment, caused by, ironically, intensive bike riding.  It turned out to be the former, nothing.  Also, in 2007 or 2008, I was rear-ended on the highway by a kid who looked to be texting.  I had to take a trip to the ER, followed by a trip to my family doctor, a DO, who cracked some joints back into alignment – that was covered by the fella who crashed into me though.  I didn’t spend a dollar.