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Daily Archives: November 8, 2017

The Last [Paved] Tuesday Night Club Ride of 2017

If, in a group, you want to feel like you’re riding a lot faster than you really are, ride in the dark.

It was dark before the one mile warm-up.  And cold!  Good Lord, it was 35° (1 C), but thankfully there was barely a breeze.

For once, I was looking to take it a little easy on a Tuesday night.  I haven’t been training all that hard, so I was expecting to work harder than normal, but I underestimated – until I loosened up, about ten miles in.

It felt like we were rocketing down the road.  Maybe it was the dark, or the extra concentration required to look beyond the blinking light in front of me.  In fact, and I’m going to do another post on it’s own for this, but blinkie placement made a huge difference.  I had more trouble focusing riding behind those who rode with their blinker on the seat post rather than on the seat stay.

I rode behind on of the “seat post” guys for more than a dozen miles last night and I grew tired of trying to focus, I broke out of my place and fell back to ride behind a “seat stay” cyclist.

We pulled into the parking lot after a 29-1/2 mile ride with an 18.3 mph average (29 km/h).  I was shocked we weren’t closer to 20.

While I was comfortable the whole ride from the shins up, my feet were frozen when I got off the bike.  Wool socks and toe covers weren’t enough.  I should have gone with fill foot covers.  I quickly changed out of my jersey and jacket and into something dry.  We packed everything away and headed off to the last dinner for the season where made tentative plans for the Christmas dinner party and the ride card dinner (December 10th and January 7th respectively for those Wanderers who read this blog).

It was a nice capper to a good year.