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The Dark Sky Weather App is Exactly What Cyclists Need…

For years I’ve relied on the Weather Channel’s app for my weather forecasting to schedule rides.  I have been nominated to be the B-group’s weekend ride scheduler – I suppose I’ve failed to mention that previously.  I’ve suggested more than a few times that a ride be scrapped or postponed due to harsh conditions forecast by the weather channel app.

One day, my buddy Chuck (Chuck C.) suggested that we should ride based on his assessment of the forecast when the Weather Channel was calling for certain ugliness.  Chuck sent me a screen shot of his Dark Sky app that showed cloudy and cool, but no rain.  I scheduled the ride and we rode in comfort.

Saturday, I was going to skip scheduling a ride for yesterday morning based on the Weather Channel again.  This time, rather than rely on TWC, I checked Dark Sky.  TWC showed snow mixed with rain starting at 7am, turning to rain at 9am, until 3am Sunday morning.  Dark Sky predicted cloudy and only a slight chance of light snow – or in other words, Ridin’ Baby.

Lo and behold, Sunday morning rolls around and the Weather Channel app finally catches up, showing exactly what Dark Sky showed yesterday.

My friends, Dark Sky hyper-local weather is what you want for scheduling rides.  Whoever they have working on the forecast knows what they’re doing – and this is coming from a guy who takes the weather seriously.