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I HATE Riding in a Cold Rain.  Sleet?  Now that I can Live With.

We rolled out Sunday morning at 8:30, the temperature a balmy 35 degrees… Fahrenheit.  That’d be 1.6C, so using the word “balmy” is a bit tongue in cheek.  Thankfully, I’ve managed to accumulate quite the set of winter cycling clothing and everything works really well.  I can ride down to 19F/-7C before I get cranky – and compared against Friday’s breezy 24 degree (-4C) start, what we had felt reasonable.

We had a small group, just my wife, Matt and Mike, but it was definitely enough for a few laughs.

We started out heading south into the easy 3 mph breeze.  Normally, we turn west after a mile, but this time we just kept heading south – best to get all of the headwind out of the way first, yeah?  I think we had twelve (or more) miles in before we were passed by our first car.  While I won’t be riding much dirt in-season, I’m absolutely digging the lack of traffic in the off-season.

The weather took a turn about 19 miles in.  What had been an “on again, off again” light “sleet”, intensified.  It was bad enough that rather than continue on, we headed for home on a road we knew would be a straight shot.  We were only eight miles from home.

We made it home just as it was starting to get messy – 27 miles on the dirt, in the sleet.  Not bad for a November ride.


As you can see, I picked up a new saddle bag the other day…  Ahem.  I won’t be forgetting that one any time soon (also note how well it matches my bike…. yeah, a fella’s gotta be stylish).

Oh, and I got my miles in…  8,533 miles for 2017 (and counting).