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Daily Archives: November 19, 2017

One of those Beautiful, Shiny Coins…

I’ve wanted to be worthy of receiving one of those special coins.  Not one of the normal “year” coins they give out on anniversaries, one of the painted, urethane coated coins.  I’ve never said a word to anyone about the desire.  I figured it was selfish and an ugly part of my ego, to be ignored.


After picking up the coin on the left at my meeting early yesterday morning, we went out to a dinner my wife put together for some of my closest friends – even three of my best cycling buds were there with their wives.  It was, in a word, awesome.  We had a lot of laughs and some great food, and my wife, teared up, presented me with my first ever shiny coin.  Another friend gave me a 25 year keychain with the number of days in 25 years engraved on it – a special “thing” between us as he kept track of how many days he had sober at every meeting he went to for something like six years.

I’m not going to try putting the emotions I felt into this post – it was too good, and I don’t want to mess it up.

It was some kind of alright, I’ll say that.  One day at a time.  Best day in a long time.