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The ALMOST Perfect Bicycle Paint Job… Goes to Giant this Year

I have been a great fan of Bike War, darn-near since its inception.  I happened upon a recent heat-to-head pitting a Merida against a Giant.  The Merida is great, the Giant is beautiful.  ALMOST perfect.  

The only thing keeps it from “perfect”  IMHO, is?

Anyone?  Bueller?

The white lettering should be black.  Better, the white is too prominent, it sticks out and slaps you in the face, so if Giant had done black lettering with a white leading edge to help frame it and make the “Giant” pop…. now that would be special!  The “Propel” on the fork, because its prominence, would get the same treatment.  The top tube “Propel”, because of its smaller size, could go either way…

A few years ago, we were subjected to a movement, and I chose the word “movement” carefully, of obnoxious paint schemes on bikes.  Specialized, my personal favorite bicycle company, was one of the most offensive.  Specialized has since corrected their course, as most others have, and for that we should all be grateful.

In the case of the Giant Propel above, they’re pretty close to perfect.