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Still Crankin’ Out 125+ Mile Weeks…

Autumn is giving way to winter, and not subtly.

I have to rely on the trainer two or three days a week for some of my miles but here we are at the end of November and I’m still managing to crank out 125+ mile weeks.

Having our gravel bikes has been a season extender, no doubt about it.  We’re getting miles in that would have either been gotten on the trainer or not at all.  Sunday, we rolled out at 8:30 am, the temperature just barely above freezing.  As is typical for Michigan this time of year, we left under cloud cover with no hope of sunshine.  It had rained all day Saturday so we were riding paved roads – while it was close to freezing, it needed just a shade more cold to tighten up the dirt roads.  We weren’t rolling out for a mud-fest.

18 miles in, I had one of those “what the hell are we doing out here… and how fast can we get home” moments.  For some, those moments are fairly common; not for me.  I’m almost always happy to be out riding.  In this case, the temps were actually starting to drop and it was snowing.  Not hard, really, but it was snowing nonetheless and it was beginning to get to me.  As we entered a park, Chuck stopped to adjust his handlebar.  We rode on to do a one mile loop around the park to stay warm and when we came back around Chuck and James were gone.  Matt, Mrs. Bgddy and I headed for home after trying one more loop to find them.

We ended up with 32 miles on the day by the time we rolled into the driveway.  While I was fairly comfortable for the whole ride, the trip went a long way to helping me remember that cycling in badass weather makes one a badass…. and it was still better than the trainer.  That said, I do like that 125+ mile a week stretch for this time of year.