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Is Pinarello’s Marketing of their New eBike Sexist or Do some People need to be Angry to be Happy?


November 2017

I read a neat post on an uproar over Pinarello’s marketing ads for their new road eBike.  First, some backstory.

Last year, in the off-season, my cycling buddy Mike, my wife and I would regularly go out for dirt road rides on our mountain bikes.  Every once in a while, Diane would join us on her cyclocross/gravel bike.  I have a Specialized Rockhopper 29er, my wife has an almost identical Trek Marlin 29er.  My buddy, Mike has an older Stumpjumper 26, a hand-me-down from a friend.  My wife wanted a gravel bike so she would have an easier time keeping up with us, as Diane did.  I suggested against the idea, because if she got used to taking it easy on a gravel bike while we were on mountain bikes, that would adversely affect her fitness next season – at some point she would have to play “catch up” and catching up always sucks.

Gravel Bike

Mountain Bike

Back to the Pinarello kerfuffle… My wife would buy that Pinarello tomorrow, if we had the cash, for the exact same reason.  Hell, I’d think about buying one to keep up with our 24 mph average A Group for the same reason [ED. I wouldn’t, because I’d likely be excoriated for being a wuss].  I have to stay on track though, I don’t want to mess up the narrative….  Yet.

Along comes Pinarello and their new eBike, the Nytro.  Their ad campaign featured a young lady who wants a Nytro so she can comfortably keep up with her boyfriend and his cycling buds [ED Exactly like my wife, ahem].  The other side of the ad features an older fella who works too much to train but with a Nytro, now he doesn’t have to miss a Sunday ride with his buds.

Pinarello got my wife and me right – though in all honesty, I have my normal friends to ride with.  I don’t need an eBike to ride with the A guys (and yes, every one of the regulars in the A Group is a male of the species.  I only know of one woman who can ride with them.  She’s a pro).

So, the question is, is Pinerallo, who marketed almost exactly to my wife and I, sexist for doing so?

My wife absolutely does not want to work hard enough to keep up with us boys.  So if Pinarello’s marketing is sexist, my wife would have to be as well.  If anyone thinks my wife, because she wants to ride with us but would like a little assist with an eBike, is a male chauvinist, it’s because they are one of two things: ignorant or stupid.  Pick one, or be bold and go with both.

In this age of faux outrage, masquerading as care for real issues, I grow tired of the chattering masses who take umbrage with human nature and the differences between men and women and try to use those differences as a means to prove sexism.

It seems increasingly more common that some people simply have to be angry to be happy.

Observe:  Is Pinerallo sexist for marketing to women who would love an extra assist to keep up with the boys on Wednesday night, or are those who are angered by the ad campaign sexist for picking on Pinarello and for believing that women who want the assist are lazy for not wanting to train hard enough to keep up in the first place?  Touchè.

My money goes on the latter.

Unfortunately, my problem is that I’ve taken that latter tact with my wife.  She’s so close to fast enough to hang with us.  With a little more effort and willingness, she’d be right there.

Hey, isn’t that sexist?  In my case, I’m a sexist either way just because I was born a male, but that’s the point.  In truth and reality (neither of which actually matter), it’s simply how this works.

The simple fact is, you (especially if “you” is a male) can’t win, and the whole narrative is designed that way.  On the one hand, you have real sexism – all one needs for proof is the implosion of Hollywood (which I’ve been watching with glee, those pompous, arrogant @$$holes).  On the other, you’ve got this faux sexism that is used to bludgeon someone just for the sake of hammering them.  Call it bullying – I think that’s the new buzzword of the decade.

As I’ve also shown, for those who claim faux sexism, you can flip the narrative on them – you just have to be quick enough to do it and that ain’t easy.  For real, no BS sexism, the narrative can’t be flipped.  There is no justifying Charlie Rose walking around butt naked in front of female colleagues – you can’t flip that narrative, the behavior is just plain wrong.  It’s that fake narrative that we can work with.

The trick is to first reject the premise of the narrative in the first place; in this case, “Pinarello is sexist for suggesting that women need an e-assist to keep up with the boys”.  Pinarello didn’t suggest that at all, the hucksters added that to the narrative to justify their angry reaction (that’s the rejection of the premise).  What Pinarello did was offer an option to women who don’t feel they can or want to keep up with their spouse or boyfriend on a bicycle.  They offered the same option to men, if you were paying attention.

The trick is flipping the narrative:  “Claiming that women simply aren’t willing to work hard enough to keep up with the boys is sexist, and that means you’re a chauvinist.  You need to stop that sexist shit that permeates our society and gives men cover so they believe they can abuse womyn as a result.”  Women often simply have different priorities, and what really works for society is men and women living in harmony – if that means a spouse buying an eBike to keep up, who cares?  The important thing is the couple gets to ride together – whether the wife or the husband is the stronger cyclist.

Bob’s your uncle.

Just hopefully not a pedophile uncle.


  1. Gerry says:

    A great stream of consciousness article on this, Jim, but unfortunately all I can think about (and not in a good way) is Charlie Rose naked. ‘Thanks’.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Sorry, brother. The Charlie Rose story is my favorite because he’s on our National Government Broadcasting stations (all the government propaganda fit to print). He’s one of those crusty, old “do as I say, not as I do” fools – and I love it when they go down hard.

      Ouch. Phrasing!

  2. Gerry says:

    I should have commented on my joy at all these jerks being busted, too. Being more or less a decent human being, it’s nice to see some justice coming their way.

  3. I do think some people have to be angry to be happy. It makes them feel powerful as anger is just a cover for feeling vulnerable. It’s just gotten a tad crazy right now. I listened to a podcast the other day and it speculated that this explosion is a result of the nation having to put a lid on their outrage after the Access Hollywood tapes and then seeing him getting elected in spite of it. I tend to agree that it’s all gotten overblown by something else entirely. If nothing else, these are interesting times. It’s certainly made me do a lot of soul-searching.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Then you have the other side of that coin, too – some people get away with much worse than just saying that with money, you can get away with it. On the other hand, how many people have been exposed as proving they thought he was right?!

  4. There are people in this world who want to think that there is no difference between the sexes, that being created equal doesn’t mean that we are created different. Those people are fools. Pinarello has it right. So do you. So does your wife. Yes, one can not say that a man is always going to be faster/stronger than a woman. So what!

  5. theandyclark says:

    I think you could argue that marketing campaigns are almost by definition some type of “ist”. The point of marketing is to connect with likely customers and that is inherently discriminatory. If the marketer doesn’t do it effectively people don’t buy their product. I think it’s kind of silly to get fired up about marketing campaigns unless they are incredibly blatant.

  6. I’m offended that you’re not offended! lol

  7. Yes maybe it’s sexist, but similar to you that ePinarello would suit my wife down to a tee. She’d be able to come out on faster rides with me if she wanted to (although she’s no fast roadie and has no inkling to be one). I know of many partners who would benefit from it. Although personally I’d just get a tandem for us both instead. Too much political correctness and faux rage around these days.

    Ride. Be happy. 🙂

  8. Archetype says:

    With ya buddy. I’m a self-professed sexist…my daughters know it and take it in stride. My eldest (32) has no time or tolerance for the ‘feminists’ of her generation or any other for that matter.

    I always say, I should have been a 40’s-50’s man… when Dames were dames and men were men… or something like that! 😀

    We have defined genders and gender roles, period. Did I change diapers? Of course. Did I/do I cook? Absolutely! Laundry? Indeed… we can share the roles, but in the end, most females are better designed for child-rearing and empathy (in general) There are exceptions of course…

    Males are full of piss and aggressive by nature. (Yes, some women are as well) It’s in our DNA, as a species men and women are wired differently.
    (As you say, it’s about trying to harmonize each other, our strong points and weaknesses to make a better team!)

    Though the extreme progressives in each of their social ‘groups’ would have the world believe that we are the same and can be and should be defined by NO gender. Of course this is a psychosis…

    As for the Nytro!? Booyah! Yhatzee! Love it… would buy one too.
    I’m all onboard with the eBike.

    Yeah, uncle Bob… no shit, right? Way too many uncle Bob’s out there brother. I’ll leave it there, that’s a discussion for another day! lol

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