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Holy CRAP! You Think You’re Good on a Mountain Bike?


November 2017

I lost count at 34 places on this route that I would have died.  Be sure to check this video out, “Dan Atherton Sends It Down the Hardline MTB Track”

This is absolutely awesome (fair warning, I’d make sure you pee before you watch this – so it doesn’t happen whilst you’re watching this):


  1. The Omil says:

    At least he has the decency to be breathing hard (and the merest hint of a grunt at one point)? The wheelie over the finishing line is just showing off!

  2. saoirsek says:

    Holy frickin guacamole Batman…I went between nearly vomiting and roaring my head off laughing, terrifying but truly amazing.

  3. tammi1438 says:

    Dude that is some insanity! Can’t even imagine the rush of it.

  4. @vapor_sage says:

    This offers an entirely new perspective of courage

  5. You know what that is? It’s a group of people who hate mountain bikers and so they come up with a course designed to kill them. That’s cra cra as the kids say today. I love that he had the energy for some tail whips along the way. It reminds me of this sort of thing, though I think that mountain bike course may be a tad bit deadlier.

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