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I hadn’t Lived, ’til I Wore a $25 Pair of Wool Cycling Socks


November 2017

I couldn’t figure out what all of the hub-bub was all about when it came to wool socks.  “Who would pay $25 for a scratchy pair of socks, anyway?!” I thought…  This was, in case you hadn’t guess, before I started cycling.

I’ve almost worn holes in the first pair I bought and I always have three pair in the rotation.

Wool socks, while hardly necessary for a full life, are one of those items that are only unnecessary until you’ve owned a pair.  Once that box has been opened, there’s no closing it.

I hadn’t lived until I bought my first pair, Specialized Merino wool, winter thickness.

It’s been five years since the last time I had truly cold feet.  Merino wool socks are not scratchy and they are warm.  If you spend any time on a bike in temps at or below freezing, you have my word, you haven’t lived until you’ve cycled in wool socks.  

$25 is a steal for that level of comfort.


  1. I have some and love ’em! Horray for sales at REI!

  2. Tony says:

    In my research on cold weather activities, I have learned that unlike cotton, wool actually gets warmer when it get wet, like from perspiration. So, it is super for cold weather biking as one of your layers. Ride on!

  3. OmniRunner says:

    I have several pairs for running. Love them.

  4. I was just telling my sister I buy nothing but wool anymore for fitness wear.

  5. […] enough that it’s not too hot when temps rise. This stuff is like a miracle. And, another blogger I follow was laughing at himself because he has never been happier since he paid $25 for a pair of Merino […]

  6. I was just a kid when my dad gave me my first pair of wool socks. It wasn’t for cycling or running back then, but for tromping around the woods in the snow. I still remember how surprised I was when my feet stayed warm.

  7. 100% Agree! I love my wool socks!

  8. Sheree says:

    Have to agree, wool’s the only game in town during the colder months if you want toasty feet.

  9. I wear Woolie Boolies year round, wait until Performance puts them on sale and snatch up a few pairs. The give in the material is necessary for comfort. Water crossings don’t scare me even when it’s cold. My feet are always warm.

    I should probably find wool ball warmers for winter riding.

  10. Boris says:

    I overall love wool underwear in cold weather situations. Im an active person and tend to sweat a lot. Wool can handle that – like no other material. Wool rocks.

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