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Why am I having a Difficult Time Losing Weight Cycling?

I love this question: Why am I having a tough time losing weight cycling?

“Ah, grasshopper, doth thou lackest honesty?”

The answer is simple, my friends, for those who can embrace honesty:  Results are equal to the effort put into achieving them.  Not less than, and certainly not greater than… though most wish the latter were true.  As a recovering drunk, I can relate – after I’d become I pickle, I wished and prayed I could to back to being a cucumber.  

We find losing weight difficult because we don’t push hard enough on the pedals, dear.  Well, that and we eat too much of the wrong crap, but let’s keep it on track.

Every cyclist on the planet needs an easy day once in a while (including the pros).  However, if your days are all easy, guess what?

Look at it this way, imagine yourself atop a mountain pass – you drove your bike up there on your car.  You unrack your bike and coast almost all the way down the hill, riding your disc brakes to the bottom.  It takes you 30 minutes.  You then take a bus back to the top to get your car…

Many will chalk that up to a 30 minute bike ride then reward themselves with some form of fast food goodness.  In reality, you put in slightly more effort than you would sitting on the couch watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  You will gain weight on the day.  That’s how it works, and that’s why it’s so hard.

Try this revolutionary idea:  The easy days don’t count.  

Lately, I’ve been walking quite a bit for work, upwards of three or four miles a day.  I don’t count that because, dude, it’s walking.  I do my regular evening ride and that’s what I count.  I consume an average of 400 calories less than I burn every day.  Guess what happens!  Every ten days or so. I drop a pound.

Expectations and intake must be in line with effort, it’s simple as that, if sometimes disheartening.  

Ride hard, my friends… because the other option is to eat twigs, leaves, roots and fungi.