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Cruising to 9,000 Miles in 2017


2017 Mileage 2

When we started the new year I was pretty sure my year-over-year mileage was going to decrease for the first time.  We went down to Florida for Christmas vacation last year and flew down, so we didn’t have bikes with us.  For activity, we swam daily.  We went snorkeling every day we could, so it was only on the last day of the year that I had a chance to bounce over 8,500 miles with a 19 mile mountain bike ride.

I won’t need any dramatics for crossing over 9,000 (14,484 km) this year.  In fact, I should have a couple of weeks to spare, barring an unforeseeable issue.  I’m starting off December right, too.  After a nice 24 miler on Friday, we did 28-1/2 yesterday and I’ll be heading over to ride with my friends shortly for another 30 today, for a 160 mile week…  In December for God’s sake.

I’m definitely stoked about picking up the gravel bikes this year (in case you missed it).  I never would have guessed that they’d be so much fun…  Even as quiet as the roads are, riding on gravel roads won’t replace the road bikes though.  

For me, nothing beats cruising down the road in a pace-line with my friends.  Nothing – and with all of the potholes, pace-lines just don’t work on dirt.



  1. Manu Stanley says:

    Great mileage. Keep pedaling, and continue to inspire us! 🙂

  2. Frank Burns says:

    You win…..I’m about 1000 miles behind you….. 😦

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