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A Perfect Cycling Weekend… Well, as Perfect as We get in December

Decembers are typically hit or miss in Michigan.  It’s not that the weather is horrible all of the time, it’s that you never really know what you’re going to get.  The forecast can be for a decent day, maybe a 15% chance of rain and you’ll get caught out in a shower – or worse, a snowstorm (that’s happened to my wife and I):

Then there’s the cold.  If you’re going to ride a bike in Michigan, you’re going to learn to accept riding in freezing temps after October, it just is what it is.  On the plus side, we typically aren’t hit by snow until the middle to the end of December.

Rarely, however, are we treated to a weekend like we just had in December.  It was cold, of course, but we had a whole lot of sunshine.  My friends and I made the best of it with a little more than 80 miles for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We even got in some climbing on Sunday with 1,600′ in just 30 miles.  Being flatlanders, 200′ in 30 miles is a little more than average, so you can imagine what 1,600′ is like.

It simply doesn’t get better than what we had… and according to the weatherman, most of that awesomeness is all over in 3…2…1…

Back to the trainer it is!