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The Second Commandment for the Cycling Enthusiast:  Thou Shalt take a Moment to Admire God’s Green Earth and Smell the Roses.

I’d say my biggest mistake early in cycling had nothing to do with fashion, though I committed some pretty egregious errors.  My biggest mistake was trying to hammer all of the time.  I had my reasons and I regret nothing, and truthfully, without that two-year period I don’t know if I’d be the cyclist I am today.  On the other hand, I think I could have gotten just as fast taking it easier two or three days a week.  I was your typical “my easy days were too hard and my hard days were too easy” cyclist.

Even riding with my wife I had a tough time keeping a lid on my enthusiastic need to go fast.  Add to that, a fast bike, and I often resembled a little puppy being taken for a walk; Always struggling against the leash that holds him back from tearing down the road.

As I’ve matured as a cyclist, still retaining every bit of my enthusiasm, I’ve come to understand what is popular training protocol:  Take some time to ride for fun.  Not only does the body need the rest, it’s quite nice to take a look at what you’ve been missing while your head is down and you’re hammering away, tongue dangling inches from your spokes.

Ride hard, yes, but it doesn’t have to be all hammer all of the time.

By all means, turn a few rides a week into an MC Hammer song, without the “Stop”.  At the same time, don’t continually do something that will be regrettable in the future.  Take some time to learn how to enjoy a ride every now and again.  Take some time to admire your surroundings and “smell the roses”.  It’s good for the spirit.