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Six Years of Happy Blogging

Six-Year Anniversary.JPG

WordPress sent me a notification, as they do every December 17th, reminding me that it’s been a new blog anniversary.  I’d be willing to bet this reminder came in around midnight last night, so I was sitting in a theater watching the new Star Wars movie (flipping phenomenal).  I’ve written in excess of 4,000 posts (I deleted more than 1,000 a couple of years ago so I’m not quite certain what the exact number is anymore) and if I figure an average of 500 words per post – and that’s underestimating by A LOT, that’d be 2,000,000 words, and the blog has been viewed 615,000 times (I’m running a little more than 125,000 hits a year over the last four years).

There is no doubt the blog has been fantastically rewarding for me, but not in a “look at me” way – the number of people who have thanked my for helping them with a recovery post is simply awesome when a handful would have done.  I was going to quit writing a couple of years ago, and those comments kept me coming back.  I’ve finally found my way to help my fellow alcoholics, recovering and not, that works

So, my friends, thanks for sharing this journey with me.