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28 Miles of Sheer Christmas Eve Eve Cycling Bliss… and the Tastiest Low Calorie Drink Option I Know of.

Well, Friday’s ride was easy, lighthearted and fun.  Saturday’s started out that way, but only for the first ten miles.  It got hectic after that.  My wife and Mike turned to head home and Phill, Diane, Chuck and I put the hammer down – and we didn’t get any help from the wind, either.

Our pace on the way out, with a helping wind, was maybe 14 mph.  Steady, but nothing crazy, but we actually picked up the pace once Mike and my wife headed back home early.  We ended up with a 15 mph average and had to fight the wind to do it.

Friday’s ride was a “it’s nice to be out” ride.  Saturday’s was more of a “let’s stretch the lungs a little bit” jaunt.  I’ll tell you, I felt it the rest of the day.

Now, for that low-calorie drink option…  I’ve always liked soda, Coke specifically.  I hate how hard it is to work that crap off the gut, though.  Dammit, it’s almost unfair.  It isn’t, though.  It’s science and nutrition.  Put crap in and you look like crap before long.  It is what it is, so I’m always on the lookout for a decent option that tastes good but won’t kill me with calories.  My sister-in-law turned us on to this one:

Mix 70/30 seltzer water (carbonated water) to cranberry juice (over ice in the summer).  Add a twist of lime and enjoy.  Something like a quarter of the sugar, only 70 or 80 calories and a great taste.

Specialized glass not included