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“All We need is a Pair of Ice Skates and we can do a Triathlon”

First, before I get into my most excellent post, Merry Christmas my friends.  Hats off to a great year.

Up until yesterday, my record for my coldest ride was 19° F (-7 C).  My wife and my friends Matt and Phill helped me beat it by 1°… and helped me to remember why my cutoff was 19° to begin with.  

So we are out there cruising along and Matt says, “Well, all we need is a pair of ice skates and we can do a triathlon.”  I laughed hard enough to drip snot on myself.  Kind of funny, actually.

18 is so cold, even when I was comfortable at 16 mph (dirt roads, gravel bikes), going downhill and coasting at 20 mph was painful.  In fact, we didn’t bother pedaling down one hill.  We did almost 23 miles in a little more than an hour and a half and I was happy to be done when we rolled into the driveway.

We thought we were going to be riding at some point today as well, but miracle of miracles, we got more than four inches of snow last night…. It’s a white Christmas!

Happy Christmas, my friends.