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Letting My Inner Star Wars Geek Out with My Daughter: A Simple Dream Realized


My fourteen year-old daughter and I wanted to see the new Star Wars movie in 3-D.  My youngest daughter hates 3-D Movies because she suffers from motion sickness trying to sit through them.  I, on the other hand, do not.  My eldest suffers, to a lesser degree, but she weathers the storm because the new 3-D technology can make a great movie simply amazing.  We saw The Last Jedi a couple of days after it opened, last week, in I-Max 2-D as a family but my daughter and I cemented plans to revisit the theater together, after Christmas, to catch the movie in all of its 3-D glory…. and thus, a small dream of mine was realized.

My wife’s cousin had a fantastic relationship with his daughter, well into her teenage years.  I know what a feat this is, but I set that as a goal while my eldest daughter was just three or four years-old.  I wanted to be a good enough dad that my kid and I would still have a good relationship into her teens.  I knew this would leave a lot to chance, in my daughter’s choices, so I didn’t hang too much on the outcome – I would simply concentrate on my part and let the chips fall.

So without getting too mushy about it, my kid and I had a better time than I could have hoped for.  It was a perfect night of laughing, popcorn, Star Wars, and entirely geeking out.  I won’t claim to have crossed a finish line, because we all know there are no finish lines, but last night was definitely a small dream realized.

And yes, she knows how special the night was to me because I told her.


  1. Paula says:

    Ohmigosh, that’s lovely! And it will mean so very much to her when she’s older. My father took me to see The Empire Strikes Back when it came out, and that time together is still one of my most favorite memories of him.

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