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Time to get on with It…  The Vacation is Over.


I took a week off work for the holidays, same as every year for something like a decade.  Work is never busy between the Holidays so I love to take advantage of the quiet.  

I also took a week off from pushing it on the trainer.  45 minute easy spins, every day for a week.  It was nice.  

All of that was over with yesterday though.  First day of the year, it was time to crush some ass again.  It was back to hard gears shortly after my wife and I woke up.

Time to get back to eating right and drop a few pounds.   It’s time to get ready for spring.  Concentrating on how long winter is going to be would be too much of a bummer.



  1. saoirsek says:

    Good stuff, unfortunately we’re under seige here with the flu(proper flu) Cannot wait to be up and fit again 😞

  2. journey2sobriety515 says:

    For sure, boosting those neurotransmitters with exercise is key to staying sober and getting through the deep freeze! Happy 2018

  3. Manu Stanley says:

    It’s ‘back to reality’ time.

  4. I had to work between Christmas and New Years for the first time in my life (been lucky with that). Can’t turn off the internet! Always good to have a little break from hammering it all the time.

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