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Recovery from Alcoholism and Recovery from Food Addiction: They’re not as Different as some Suggest

A while back I remember someone suggesting that staying on the straight and narrow path of recovery from food addiction was more difficult that recovery from alcoholism because “You don’t have to drink alcohol to survive, but everyone has to eat!”

That seemed like a pretty compelling argument at the time, but when I broke it down it’s really not so.  Allow me a moment to explain…  While we do all have to eat food, we also have to drink, especially water, no?

Show me an overweight person who got that way by eating too much broccoli.  How about an overweight person who got that way because they ate too much baked chicken, broccoli and rice?  We’ve just eliminated 99% of all overweight people.  The vast majority don’t get fat eating well, they get fat eating $#!+.  Simple as that.

I didn’t get drunk from drinking too much Mountain Dew, but I did from too much beer and/or liquor.  I still have to drink fluids even though I have to abstain from alcohol.  I can’t make it three days without water, right?  Right.  So staying away from overeating crap food is not harder than staying away from alcohol, it’s just different.

Where we do get into trouble, of course, is the overeating – and I can relate to this, because I REALLY like to eat.  I have a real problem with good comfort food.  I don’t have to worry too much about the desert foods, they’ve lost their luster a little bit, because I can usually convince myself I’m wasting calories on crap.  Every now and again I get stuck on a donut, but for the most part I can say no.  Where I get into trouble is with that big plate of nachos or that homemade beef stew.  Now that’s tasty, baby!

My point is still clear, though; It’s not the low-calorie food that gets me, it’s the calorie-dense stuff.  In the same vain, it’s not the cranberry spritzer (cranberry juice and seltzer water) that gets me, it’s the rum & Coke (or beer, or anything else that contains alcohol).

As far as availability goes, well let’s just say there’s no hiding from anything.  We make a choice – abstain or we don’t.  Which is it going to be?