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I Owe Everything I Love to Recovery

I don’t care how one chooses to sober up, if one doesn’t clean up the wreckage that caused them to drink in the first place, you’re pretty much screwed – you’ll drink again.  It’s not rocket science; Quit drinking, clean up the disaster that I created, make amends for that disaster, do the next right thing in any given situation, don’t rest on one’s laurels, enjoy life.  That’s pretty close to the template, though I like to work a dozen steps in there, because it makes the process a lot easier.

My wife, kids, work, cycling, road trips, vacations, weekends, my bikes… happiness itself.  Without recovery, none of the good life I have is possible.  

Folks, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; I couldn’t deliver pizza well as a drunk (I never did show up to work loaded though, not once).  

Every day I wake up, I’m thankful I’ve done so sober.  I owe everything I love to recovery, and I have a lot to love.