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Don’t Forget the Electrolytes…

I jumped another gear on the trainer last week so my workouts were a lot tougher than normal.  I was sweating buckets by the time I was done.   I’ve also been trying hard to watch what I eat so I can hit March at my mid-season weight and I’m only a few pounds off.  To aid in this, I completely cut out the Gatorade I drink all season long to keep my electrolytes where they need to be.

All of a sudden I felt tired.  Lethargic, sore… I looked back at my workout history and found I’d taken a day off the week before – I shouldn’t be that tired yet.  And that’s when it dawned on me…  I drank a quart of Gatorade and the aches went away.  I also felt looser and more vibrant.

My friends, don’t forget the electrolytes this time of year.  I sweat just the same riding on a trainer so I need my electrolytes.  Without replacing them I feel like I’m… well, my age.