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The Last Detail on a Road Bike: The Name on the Top Tube

There’s one last detail that truly makes a bicycle personal to the cyclist. I took my bike in to have my name put on the top tube of the Trek.


I’ve gone back and forth over the last several years about whether or not I should have my name put on the top tube of the Trek. What if I sell it? What if I grow tired of the bike and want to get rid of it?

I was on the trainer the other day and it finally became crystal clear to me – there’s no way I’m ever selling that bike, I’ve got too much into making it mine. Custom paint job, new components – not to mention I’ve done so much work on that bike, I could darn-near take it apart and put it back together blindfolded… Add to that, it’s only 19 pounds when I put my good wheels on it, with a triple crank? Why would I ever want to get rid of it?

I called Matt, the owner of our local shop, and got everything figured out. He printed the decals and I had them installed yesterday. Once we got the location right, we set it aside to dry. It gets clear-coated today.

All it needs now is a -17° stem, but that’ll be for another day.

If, by chance, you’re wondering why I didn’t do the Venge also, I can’t. The paint, possibly the best paint job Specialized ever put on a Venge, won’t take a clear coat and I’m not about to put a sticker on that bike without clear coating it in.