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Daily Archives: January 21, 2018

It’s Amazing what a Little Fresh Air will do for One’s Attitude and Outlook on Life…

We’ve been stuck indoors for the last month and a half – just ridiculously cold.  I’m good down to 18 or 19° (-7C) but I don’t like it.  On the plus side, the second the temps rebound to something like the normal average (barely below freezing) it feels like a heatwave…

I set up our first outdoor ride in more than a month on Friday.  We were due for a whopping 38° and sunshine.  The ride was set for 2.

21 glorious, sunshiny miles, a little more than an hour, on the gravel bikes and we actually rode fairly hard.  I felt awesome and Mrs. Bgddy showed signs of her hours spent on the trainer paying off.  She’s getting strong.  It was just a perfect, awesome ride with some good friends.

On pulling into my driveway we were all high-fives and smiles.  Anyone who cycles or runs knows the feeling, after we’d been cooped up for a while.  Once you’re done with that first ride and you’ve got some endorphins running around the system, it’s hard to describe how good you feel.  It’s simply special.

And we’re going back out again today… on the tandem this time.  I spent an hour getting it tuned up and ready to go yesterday.  It’s as good as it gets.